The JMB Foundation supports young people living with acquired brain injury. JMB is a Melbourne Marathon charity partner. In return for organising volunteers to help manage the event, we will receive a donation of around $25,000 - and that will go a long way towards helping young Australians with ABI. By volunteering for us on Melbourne Marathon day you will be making a real difference for the people we help.
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Course marshals must be 18 years or older. If you're under 18 we may be able to place you in a student team at a water station. Please see http://jmbfoundation.org.au/volunteer/ for more information.

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Have you been a JMB volunteer at this event in the past? If so, what were your duties?

Marathon day kicks off early. Most of our volunteers (including ALL water station teams) need to be in position by 6 am and cover shifts ranging from four to seven hours. A small number of course marshal positions start at 9.45 am for three to four hours. Please advise your preference.

We are still seeking volunteer course marshals (preferably with some experience) for pedestrian management/road intersection supervision in the city (Flinders St, Swanston St, Fed Square) and Birrarung Marr/MCG area. 

Water station places for volunteers who are NOT part of a school group have all been filled but there may be further places available nearer marathon day and we will accept standby requests. (If you are part of a school community please register using the appropriate school link here: http://jmbfoundation.org.au/volunteer/ )

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